“Personalised” varieties and formulas

What we do

Liquid Rennet

A natural product of animal origin extracted from calf, lamb, and kid rennet. Numerous formulations are available in activity and composition to meet different dairy processing needs.

Rennet powder

A high-quality product obtained from the precipitation and drying of the best liquid rennet. Suitable for the production of mature DPO and PGI cheeses. Prepared in different formulations of enzyme activity and composition.

Rennet paste

Prepared from kid and lamb rennet, suitable for the production of spicy and flavoursome cheeses from either cow, sheep or goat milk. The presence of lipase, in addition to coagulating enzymes, enables the transformation of milk fat into fatty acids, which is responsible for the flavour of cheeses such as pecorino, rigatino and provolone. In addition to the traditional types, it is also available in a soluble formulation for direct use in vats.

Milk enzymes

We prepare concentrated and luophilised starter cultures in single-dose sachets for direct inoculation in vats. Numerous formulations of thermophiles, mesophiles and custom blends are available, in dosages for processing from 50 to 2000 litres of milk and more.
The range is also enriched with moulds, yeast, and other special cultures to meet different technological needs.

Other enzymes, coagulants and adjuvants complete pur range of diary products.